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Richard Sykes

Cloud and Virtualization Landscape 2014

Cloud may be seen as over hyped marketing for many peoples taste, but to set the record straight the notion is no longer ‘ If ‘ IT as a Service will grow, it is all about HOW. In this session we will employe empirical evidence of UK trends in adoption and the impact on the management of IT and the likely outlook over the next 12 months.

Case Study From Co-Operative Group

Building the business case for cloud

We look at the latest technologies and techniques being harnessed by global organisations to help them work more collaboratively and efficiently

  • Multi-tenancy, private and hybrid clouds
  • Cloud storage solutions
  • Cloud data management
  • Learning objectives
Mobile Device Management and the cloud

How are leading organisations giving their users ultimate agile flexibility through cloud-based mobile device management? We examine all the relevant associated issues such as device security, and the incorporation of both work-provided and user-owned mobile phones and tablets.


Simon Goodman, Head of IS Strategy, Group Business Services, Network Rail


Data centres: choosing the right solution for your organisation

The data centre market is undergoing a period of extensive change. As established names battle it out with a wide range of new market entrants, many believe the boundaries between wholesale and colocation solutions have become blurred. We look at the benefits that organisations can gain from this period of high competition, in addition to looking at the latest in data centre performance, efficiency and environmental innovations.

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Chair's afternoon address

Richard Sykes

Big data storage: Effective cloud-based solutions

Big data and cloud computing are two fast-evolving trends with a huge overlap. But how do organisations make the decision to undertake a cloud-based approach to big data management? What options currently exist in the market? And what are the key factors that lead to smooth implementation and successful operation? Our case study shows how one organisation got it right.

The route to a secure cloud

Cloud providers and related suppliers are investing heavily in products and services that boost customer confidence in cloud security. With a focus on value for money, we look at the latest innovations that address both current and emerging security risks. Many of our case study examples come from field-leading high risk sectors such as banking, insurance, military and intelligence.

Panel with Q&A: Optimising supplier relationships

Relevant for both public and private sector professionals, we look extensively at the subject of working with cloud and virtualization suppliers. With a focus on achieving maximum value from suppliers at minimum risk, we highlight the key commercial, legal, technical and service-level considerations at every stage of the project life cycle. This session is followed by an extended Q&A in which delegates can put their questions to our panel of public and private sector procurement and project management experts.

Industry Expert Presentation
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Technologies and trends in SaaS

Major advances have been made, with many new market offerings introduced over the last 12 months.

In this case study we look to show a best practice model on why it is necessary for SaaS to use load testing and web performance for your organisation.

Practical analytics panel: Driving up retail revenues

In our second practical analytics panel session, we hear from major online and high street retailers on their pioneering approaches to revenue-boosting through real-time analytics. Seamless integration of customer and market data has greatly improved the management decision-making process, in addition to facilitating new heights of relevant customer dialogue – putting the right promotions in front of the right customers at the right time. Includes a Q&A session with panel leaders

Working with KPIs

How do leading organisations optimise return on investment for a cloud and virtualization project? ROI is a crucial ingredient for success at all stages of the project life cycle. A clear vision at the outset can pave the way for a green light to proceed from the board. It also sets the essential benchmark for measuring project success. Using a major recent case study, our speaker reveals the best practice key performance indicators that led to its outstanding success.

G-cloud: Full steam ahead

This essential session brings you the most comprehensive and up-to-the-minute briefing on the progress of the G-cloud framework across the UK. We examine some of the major successes that are setting best practice across the public sector, as well as the priorities for the coming 12 months.

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